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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter is upon us here in Tennessee and in recent weeks we have seen snow and ice in several parts of the state. We likely have a couple more months of cold temperatures and a likelihood of more snowstorms ahead of us this winter. It is important to understand how to stay safe while driving…
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Cleaning Tips for Your Cars While You’re Home for Thanksgiving

[caption id="attachment_17501" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Traveling by car - happy couple in love go by cabriolet car in sunset time[/caption] Do you have some time off for Thanksgiving so you can spend time with the family? It could be fun to get outside and have some fun cleaning your cars together in the driveway while you…
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Mobility and Car Buying in Q4 2021 – Industry Update

COVID-19 has affected every industry – for better or for worse. The automotive industry has suffered since March 2020 and is one that was hit hard. Nobody could imagine a world where we worked and went to school from home while roads emptied of traffic and cars sat in driveways and garages untouched for weeks…
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Spring Road Trips in Tennessee

With winter temperatures finally behind us, it’s time to plan for a beautiful and exciting spring in and around Tennessee. Spring road trips mean gathering the entire family and heading out for some fun– it is time to make some memories before the start of summer when places get crowded. Regardless of your exact destination…
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Hot Summer Plans for Hitting the Road

If the fact that it is June was not enough to signal that summer is here, the heat has certainly arrived! Hot summer days means finding ways to cool off and have fun with the family is a priority – visits to the beach, lake, pool or water parks; afternoon hikes; ice cream and popsicles…
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