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What is the Day in the Life of an Auto Glass Technician Like?

At Auto Glass Service, work culture is important to us and we believe in the benefits of becoming an Auto Glass Technician at Auto Glass Service. What’s it Like to Work at Auto Glass Service? Unlike many other companies, Auto Glass Service offers Day One Benefits for its employees. This means that all new employees…
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#DaylightSaving Lose an Hour, Gain Spring Weather

March marks not only the beginning of spring and the return of warmer weather but holds the promise of more daylight hours with the return of daylight saving time. Although this means that we lost an hour of sleep that night, it brings the hope of spring, its warmer weather, and possibly flowers blooming again.…
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Sharing Random Acts of Kindness on #RandomActsofKindnessDay

Random Acts of Kindness Day is on February 17th! What a great day to do something kind for someone else that they will not be expecting. We love the idea of doing something kind for others because it is inclusive of everyone, We have gathered some ideas for sharing kindness with the many people in…
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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter is upon us here in Tennessee and in recent weeks we have seen snow and ice in several parts of the state. We likely have a couple more months of cold temperatures and a likelihood of more snowstorms ahead of us this winter. It is important to understand how to stay safe while driving…
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Have Yourself a Merry Auto Glass Christmas

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie you watch every year without fail? What are your family’s traditions or the holidays? Do you have a treasured cookie recipe you make during the holidays? What are your favorite Christmas carols? Do you always take a big road trip during the holidays? Everyone looks forward to Christmas…
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Cleaning Tips for Your Cars While You’re Home for Thanksgiving

[caption id="attachment_17501" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Traveling by car - happy couple in love go by cabriolet car in sunset time[/caption] Do you have some time off for Thanksgiving so you can spend time with the family? It could be fun to get outside and have some fun cleaning your cars together in the driveway while you…
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Mobility and Car Buying in Q4 2021 – Industry Update

COVID-19 has affected every industry – for better or for worse. The automotive industry has suffered since March 2020 and is one that was hit hard. Nobody could imagine a world where we worked and went to school from home while roads emptied of traffic and cars sat in driveways and garages untouched for weeks…
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Employee Appreciation at Auto Glass Service: Melvin Sanders

At Auto Glass Service we recognize that we owe our success to the glass technicians who put in the hard work every day. Superior customer service is a priority for us so this makes our team the backbone of our business. From time to time, we plan to put the spotlight on those employees who…
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How to Schedule an Appointment with Auto Glass Service

Whether your windshield was damaged because of road debris or your neighbor’s kid threw that baseball too hard and it broke your passenger window, Auto Glass Service makes it easy to schedule an appointment anywhere. It is important to get your windshield or auto glass repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further…
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