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Cleaning Tips for Your Cars While You’re Home for Thanksgiving

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Do you have some time off for Thanksgiving so you can spend time with the family? It could be fun to get outside and have some fun cleaning your cars together in the driveway while you take in some fresh air.

Thanksgiving is upon us and that means family road trips for all of the upcoming holidays are here too. Americans travel an average of 214 miles every Thanksgiving putting a lot of cars on the road beginning on the Tuesday before the holiday and ending on Sunday after. With beautiful fall leaves lining the highways and roadways of Tennessee, family road trips are filled with moments that turn into lifelong memories. In some cases, you might be the one hosting all of your family members and friends from out of town. Regardless of your holiday plans for Thanksgiving, car maintenance like cleaning the family vehicles can be lots of fun when done together.

We know some people end up in the kitchen all day, every day while others head to the couch for football but make an effort to get everyone outside together to have some good family fun. Doing what you ask? Cleaning all the cars! Many hands make light work, right?

Cleaning out Your Vehicle’s Interior

Assign one person to clean out the trunk and another to clean out the passenger area. Collect all food wrappers, empty water bottles, papers, etc. in a garbage bag. Gather items to take into the house in a pile and then vacuum and wipe down the interior surfaces with a mild cleaner intended for car interiors. Remember to clean the inside of your windows with a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth making sure to leave them streak-free.

How to Clean Tires & Wheels

You’ll want to start cleaning the exterior by cleaning the tires. Designate rags and brushes just for use on the tires – they’ll get real dirty, real fast. Spray the wheels of any excess debris using a hose with a good nozzle. Then, prepare your soap bucket, lather up those tires, and brush them to get the dirt and grime out. Let the soap sit for a few minutes, rinse and repeat if needed. Once satisfied, move on to the wheels – wet the wheel surface and scrub with your soapy water. Rinse and repeat, as needed.

Washing the Exterior of the Car or Truck

Thoroughly rinse the entire vehicle to remove any surface dirt, leaves, etc. Using a car-safe cleaner, lather up the vehicle in small sections from top to bottom and rinse it as you go. Make sure you don’t miss any spots. If any areas were particularly dirty, soap them up again and rinse until you’re satisfied. Once you’re done, give the entire car a thorough rinsing to be sure all soap residue is removed. And then, hand everyone a clean, dry rag to dry the car from top to bottom paying particular attention to the vehicle’s windshield and windows to ensure there are no chips or cracks that need to be addressed by a glass professional.

For any issues with your car’s glass that go beyond a good cleaning, Auto Glass Service has your back. Give us a call at (877) 960-1831 if you find any chips or cracks as you’re cleaning the car. Our FREE and convenient mobile service in our Tennessee service areas means we’ll take care of the windshield while you finish cooking the turkey.

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