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Mobility and Car Buying in Q4 2021 – Industry Update

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COVID-19 has affected every industry – for better or for worse. The automotive industry has suffered since March 2020 and is one that was hit hard. Nobody could imagine a world where we worked and went to school from home while roads emptied of traffic and cars sat in driveways and garages untouched for weeks and months. We had gotten used to having groceries delivered from time to time but nothing like what 2020 brought where everything was ordered for delivery. With cars sitting idle, very few felt the need to upgrade their vehicle, further complicated by widespread job losses making potential buyers hesitate at the thought of the expense. Cars have gone without their routine maintenance visits and slowly but surely, car dealers have sold their inventory leaving dealerships with new cars on the lot to sell. Car manufacturing across some brands has come to a halt as dealers try to sell their used car inventory to those in need of a vehicle.

Almost two years since that first lockdown, businesses have reopened, students are back on campus, concerts and events in public spaces are slowly starting up, and commuters are back on the road again. We suspect that predictions made about the auto industry before 2020 hold no weight anymore as we head into the unknown for the industry. Interested car buyers wonder when their local dealers will have cars to purchase but travel and mobility are on the rise because people need to get back to the office. Public transportation continues to be a viable option in some cities, but that is not an option for a large portion of America. Where that is true, family members of driving age need to have their own vehicle.

Vehicles Need Maintenance

As we return to the roads, our vehicles need to be serviced after sitting for months. If purchasing a new vehicle, there may not be many options in your city or state so you may choose to buy a used vehicle. When buying a used car, ensuring it is a smart investment and in good mechanical condition is critical. Whether new or used, every vehicle owner knows proper and regular vehicle maintenance is key. At a minimum, an experienced mechanic will recommend checking tires, engine oil, battery, wiper fluid levels, and even glass conditions. For all of your auto glass needs in Tennessee, call Auto Glass Service at (877) 960-1831.

Fleet Vehicles Require Maintenance If your business has a fleet of cars, Auto Glass Service can service all of them in one visit. If your fleet is parked in one lot or garage, our glass experts will come to you and can check all of them. Any vehicles with chips or cracks needing attention can be repaired by our team of experienced glass technicians right on the spot. Whether repairs or replacements, we’ve got your back!

With everyone trying to get to work and school or planning road trips again, do not forget to make sure your vehicle has the proper, ongoing maintenance – including windshield repairs and auto glass replacements. With Auto Glass Service, One Call Does It All – we are standing by ready to help you.

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