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Employee Appreciation at Auto Glass Service: Melvin Sanders

At Auto Glass Service we recognize that we owe our success to the glass technicians who put in the hard work every day. Superior customer service is a priority for us so this makes our team the backbone of our business. From time to time, we plan to put the spotlight on those employees who…
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How to Schedule an Appointment with Auto Glass Service

Whether your windshield was damaged because of road debris or your neighbor’s kid threw that baseball too hard and it broke your passenger window, Auto Glass Service makes it easy to schedule an appointment anywhere. It is important to get your windshield or auto glass repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further…
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Spring Road Trips in Tennessee

With winter temperatures finally behind us, it’s time to plan for a beautiful and exciting spring in and around Tennessee. Spring road trips mean gathering the entire family and heading out for some fun– it is time to make some memories before the start of summer when places get crowded. Regardless of your exact destination…
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Hot Summer Plans for Hitting the Road

If the fact that it is June was not enough to signal that summer is here, the heat has certainly arrived! Hot summer days means finding ways to cool off and have fun with the family is a priority – visits to the beach, lake, pool or water parks; afternoon hikes; ice cream and popsicles…
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The Engineering Behind Windshield Auto Glass

Have you ever thought about the fact that the first cars invented did not have windshields? While many drivers and passengers at the time wore goggles, this, of course, left drivers and their passengers exposed to the elements (and bugs). Eventually, car manufacturers working with engineers changed this and now, most of us probably cannot…
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Road Trip Safety Tips

Summer is an exciting time for families. Children are out of school, work hours are shorter and the prospect of family road trips are on the horizon. Whether you are driving a short distance to the nearest national park or across the country for a visit to Disneyland, keeping your family safe and happy is…
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Auto 101 with the Kids

Traveling with children can often mean finding new, innovative ways to entertain them. Sitting on the passenger seat, you become responsible for ensuring the driver remains undistracted while driving long distances. In order to keep everyone in the car safe, there are games that can be played with children of younger ages who need a…
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