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Have Yourself a Merry Auto Glass Christmas

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie you watch every year without fail? What are your family’s traditions or the holidays? Do you have a treasured cookie recipe you make during the holidays? What are your favorite Christmas carols? Do you always take a big road trip during the holidays?

Everyone looks forward to Christmas as a time to unwind and enjoy family and friends. It is the one time of year that most people can turn on their “out of office” messages and disconnect from the stress of work after a long year. Whether your family gathers for large meals together or you just connect with a couple of friends over some coffee, the holidays are more special because of it. Those living in warmer climates might head to the beach now that they have some time off while those surrounded by snow, head outside for some sledding or even a good snowball fight. Whatever it may be, we know this is the time of year to enjoy traditions with loved ones or make new ones to enjoy in the future.

The best part about the holidays is having the time to rest and spend time with loved ones and doing the things you never have time for. Put your to-do list on hold, close out your email, dig out those favorite recipes, invite loved ones to gather, and just enjoy the little things in life. Focus on the things that bring you joy and make memories. At Auto Glass Service, we do not want you to have to worry about your car’s windshield.

If snow and ice are a concern in your area, make an effort to park your car in a covered parking area like a garage or put a windshield cover on your vehicle to protect it from damage. Of course, if there is existing windshield damage or something happens after a road trip or even while it is parked outside your home, we can come to you. Our convenient mobile service means none of your holiday plans or traditions need to be paused or delayed. Auto Glass Service’s mobile techs are experienced at providing superior customer service. Call Auto Glass Service at (877) 960-1831 to schedule your windshield repair or replacement and our telephone agents will walk you through the process from requesting your insurance information, your vehicle’s VIN, and a description of the damage to your car’s auto glass. We’ll take over the rest and nothing else should concern you. Let Auto Glass Service handle it and enjoy stress-free holidays with your family and friends.

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