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Auto 101 with the Kids

auto 101

Traveling with children can often mean finding new, innovative ways to entertain them. Sitting on the passenger seat, you become responsible for ensuring the driver remains undistracted while driving long distances. In order to keep everyone in the car safe, there are games that can be played with children of younger ages who need a little more attention. The best distraction is the things around you! A car-themed question-and-answer quiz in the form of auto 101 can be just the thing to keep children preoccupied.


Question #1: How many wheels are on a car?

Answer #1: Four


Question #2: Where was the first car invented?

Answer #2: Germany


Question #3: What was the first car company in the United States?

Answer #3: Ford


Question #4: Which animal is used to describe a car’s power?

Answer #4: Horse


Question #5: What does MPG stand for?

Answer #5: Miles per gallon


Question #6: What does MPH stand for?

Answer #6: Miles per hour


Question #7: What is MPH measuring?

Answer #7: Speed


Question #8: What is the window in the front of the car called?

Answer #8: Windshield


Question #9: When it rains, what is used to help the driver see?

Answer #9: Windshield wipers


Question #10: When a car needs to stop, what does the driver use?

Answer #10: The brakes


When traveling with children, games might be the best and easiest way to keep them from getting restless. A small quiz using the basic facts about vehicles might be the simplest and most fun way to keep them and yourself entertained. With complete confidence that your family is safe during your road trip, keeping children preoccupied can be your only concern while on the road. To get there, Auto Glass Service can check your windshield to ensure there are no dangerous cracks or scrapes that can hinder that assurance. With free, mobile service and a guaranteed perfect fit with every installation, there is no reason not to call your local Auto Glass Service today!

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